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What do you think our kids would be like?

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Chandler dancing on The Hunger Chandler Games

could the odds BE any more in my favor?!

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Caskett kisses: Season 1 to Season 6 

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I just let him waltz into my house.

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Peyton Sawyer

"I want to draw something that means something to someone. You know, I want to draw blind faith, or a fading summer, or just a moment of clarity. It’s like when you go and see a really great band, live for the first time and, you know, and nobody’s saying it, but everybody’s thinking it, we have something to believe in again. I want to draw that feeling, but I can’t. And if I can’t be great at it then I don’t want to ruin it. It’s too important to me."

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Peyton Sawyer + space

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